Rider on tour: 30.000km ride across Europe

Jenna Philippe with her Hornet 600 moto rider on tour
© Michael Alschner

My artistic creations are inspired by nature and mankind’s masterpieces, mostly discovered during my travels on my motorcycle. The following pictures were taken by myself during my last 30.000 km motorcycle tour across Europe and are a tribute to those sources of inspiration that make my art what is is. Discover by country the best spots for moto rider!

France, mon amour…Slalom between the wonders

Moto rider touring in France

Motorcycle riders’ heaven: welcome to Corsica

Moto rider touring in Corsica

The next stories…Stay tuned!

Ride in Austria: for mountain- and curves lovers

Moto rider touring in Austria

Croatia: follow the coast and get lost

Moto rider touring in Croatia

Rock n’ ride in Gibraltar

Moto rider touring in Gibraltar

Portugal: north to south on a motorcycle

Moto rider touring in Portugal

Motorcycle tour of Spain: a life story

Moto rider touring in Spain

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