Women Riders World Relay with the Break Fast Club – Austria

The Women’s Riders World Relay (WRWR) is the initiative of Haley Bell, a 27 years old rider from the UK. Her vision? Be the global “eye-openers” for women in motorsports. The relay started in February 2019 in Scotland, and arrived in Austria on 16th of April. As part of the Break Fast Club, I had the honor to participate and ride some 1400 km in one week, thanks to the support of Riser App and Husqvarna motorcycles.

Day 1: we all woke up with this feeling of adventure

Women Riders World Relay

Lill, Patricia, Dany, Liz and I were heading to our motorcycles: two brand new Husqvarna Svartpilen 701, one Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, a Yamaha XSR700 and a Ducati Scrambler. Some of us barely slept, others were already dreaming about the curves and lines disappearing under the sound of the engine. Today, the Break Fast Club was finally heading to the Women Riders World Relay. 230 kilometers of sunshine and laughs. The smell of the wind and fresh pines, cherry trees and gasoline. We started in Vienna and headed to Bad Leonfelden where other female riders would meet up and prepare for the official “Day 49” of the WRWR in Austria. We lost ourselves between fields, followed the blue Danube from Krems to Grein. A feeling of togetherness and the sharing of a ride, driven by adventure. The 10 wheels slowly found their path and rhythm and we could soon hear each other’s laughter under the helmets. It’s 20:36 and here were are. Part of a movement uniting more than 16 000 women. Women #whoridetheworld.

Day 2: women from all over the world and all generations

Women Riders World Relay

Today, 17 women met proudly at the border between the Czech Republic and Austria to pass on the baton – the holy graal of the WRWR. Women from all over the world and all generations, motorcycles of all brands and all types gathered. United by one goal: ride together, carry the baton across Austria and pass it to the next country. Once we packed the baton, we would ride on to  Mattighofen. The blue sky would soon be painted with orange and the KTM logo would stand over our heads. At our arrival, we had a wonderful surprise to see friends from Vienna who came to support our adventure. Our Svartpilens and Viptilen would also get a feeling of Home, standing in front of the factory where they were born. After a comprehensive presentation of the KTM group, we discovered some of our machine’s secrets, the different processes and the strategy of the group. A story of performance and purity, made in Austria. We would also see the Motohall from the outside and have lunch at the Garage. There, we promised ourselves to come back for the opening of the hall, the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food. Imagine drinking your coffee, while a motorcycle would be installed next to the bar. The day would end on a tiny road hiding between the mountains and a panorama between snow and wheels. It’s 22:20. Lill, Patricia, Dany, Liz and I are still playing with the road maps and Riser App. In a couple of hours, Day 50 of the WRWR will begin.

Day 3: between sun and snow

Today, we woke up in front of the beautiful panorama of the Salzburg Alps. Our morning motivation got a little bit cloudy as we saw our frozen seats. But the breakfast and the rising sun would help. Fascinated by the mountain view, we went into the wrong direction, had to turn back and tried to catch up with the others. The night before, we decided to take the route over the Hochkönig to pick up a friend of ours in Saalfelden. Madli is from Zell am See and join us for a while. Cruising among valleys and 3000 meter high mountains, we then stopped in Hall in Tirol for lunch. The whole city center is only accessible by foot and the old city has one of the oldest market towns, which is known for salt production and trade since the 12th century. Boosted with coffee, we then rode in the direction to Inntal and the famous Arlberg mountain pass (1793 meters). A spectacular and breathtaking view! We were surrounded by high alpine mountains and snow. And the strong sun warmed us in a second. We couldn’t stop capturing the landscape in our thoughts and with our cameras. But the curves were waiting for us and our engines would soon take us back on the road. The last kilometers to Blundenz flew by, presumably because we still had those astonishing and striking views in mind. For dinner, we gathered again with all the women participating in the WRWR in Austria. Delicious Vorarlberger Käsespätzle, talks and smiles with the other ladies would complete the riding Day 50 of the WRWR. It’s 11:47p.m. Tomorrow will be the time to say goodbye to the Baton – but this will be another story.

Women Riders World Relay

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