Welcome to Corsica

You took the ferry in Nizza with your beloved motorcycle and you are now contemplating the expanse of the ocean. The coastline slowly appears. The gulls and the horn of the ferry simultaneously scream the arrival. You loose with a smile the ropes that maintained your machine into the holds. Welcome to Bastia, Corsica.

Motorcycle rider’s heaven

Start your engine and roll to Saint Florent, close to the Patrimonio vineyards. Then walk around the Harbour before getting back on your two wheels. Loose yourself in the curves of the desert of Agriates. Riding back and forth is allowed but at some point, you’ll need to continue south.

Following the coast, you’ll discover the Gulf of Porto and probably fall in love with Porto-ôta and its diving spots. In Scandola, you’ll swim along with big spirograph, yellow and ged gorgonians. In Capo Rosso, you’ll dive between rocky peaks with pointed shapes looking like a buried cathedral.

Your motorcycle is staring at you and the roar of your engine is calling: the dive is over and the drive is waiting. Slalom in the Calanques of Piana and enjoy the spectacular panorama. Capture the famous heart molded naturally into the stones. The road becomes wider again. Head south to Bonifacio and remember where you parked your motorcycle. Afterwards, disappear between the sky and the ocean in the Aragon staircase, wander in the old town and upper city.

Then ride towards the mountains and enjoy the other side of the island’s ecology. Your motorcycle soon blends into the fog and you just catch the needles of Bavella before the sunset. Corte welcomes you at the sunrise and soon you’ll discover the Cap.

Wild. Fascinating. That’s Cap Corse. Dance with your motorcycles. Let the sand trap your tires.  Let the dark beach of Nonza capture your soul.

6 o’clock in the morning: your ferry for the French continent is waiting.

Motorcycle touring in Corsica

Saint-Florent - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Patrimonio - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Patrimonio church

Sunset on the beach - Motorcycle touring in Corsica

Agriates desert - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Agriates desert
Porto Ôta - Gulf of Porto - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Porto Ôta

Motorcycle touring in Corsica

Aiguilles de Bavella - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Aiguilles de Bavella
Cap Corse - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Cap Corse
Nonza Beach of Cap Corse - Motorcycle touring in Corsica
Nonza Beach

…and for the curious, here the map of my road trip in Corsica. With more time, I’ll definitely would have discovered more the mountains in the center.

Motorcycle touring in Corsica: map for moto rider

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